He pulled away the pink tissue paper and looked with tear filled eyes at the gift from his bride. Overcome with emotion, Alex remained silent while his fingers gently roamed across the gift. It was a framed record of the song to be played during their first dance.

She laughed as she pulled the card out of the envelope. Drake, in all his hotline bling glory, danced across the front. Still smiling, Laura untied the ribbon from around her gift and gently pulled out a beautiful cuff bracelet. Eyes, full of love, read the sweet words delicately engraved into the metal.

These gifts, selected with great thought and care, perfectly represent Laura’s and Alex’s relationship. They’re a perfect balance of romance, humour, sweetness and genuine kindness.

Surrounded by happy parents and excited friends, Alex and Laura promised themselves to each other for a lifetime on the beautiful vine-covered grounds of Cave Springs. With golden light streaming through the Inn on the Twenty’s windows, festive laughter in the air and wine glasses raised in honour of the newlyweds, their celebration continued long throughout the night.

Laura and Alex, you are what’s right and good with the world and I am thrilled to have been part of your first day as husband and wife. I truly can’t wait to see what the future holds for you both!

A bouquet makes the best umbrella during a little rain shower



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