Client Experience: What is it like at a portrait session?

“Alisha, what should I wear?”

The above line is my #1 most frequently asked question. It’s typically followed by a comment about how she has not been photographed in a long time and how she’s a bit nervous (and excited!) about the whole process.

If you relate to the above, please trust me when I say- you’re not alone!

I know you have some trepidation about this experience, but I promise you that I’m here to make this the best photographic experience of your life!

Because I work with women like you every day, I know what you need from me to make this process a whole lot easier. I truly want to make sure you are 100% confident walking into your session! Here’s what your photo session will entail:

  1. First, we’ll start with your consultation. This is where we will discuss your dream photo session, we’ll get to know each other a little bit better and I’ll be able to answer any of your immediate questions.
  2. Once you’ve booked your session, I have a snazzy wardrobe guide that I will send to you. The purpose of this guide is to help you select the best clothing options for YOU! After viewing the guide, if you still have concerns about your wardrobe, I’m always happy to help. You can send me photographs of your preferred outfits or we can have a Skype chat and discuss wardrobe options.Glamour Style Guide Magazine Format Page 00 (Front Cover)
  3. I’ll also send along some details about what you can expect from the makeover portion and my best tips to help you prepare your body, hands, hair, & skin for your specific type of portrait session. Boudoir shoots will require a little bit more prep than a business portrait session but no matter what type of shoot you’ve booked I’ll provide you with all my expert tips!
  4. During your portrait session, I’ll be guiding you every step of the way! I don’t expect you to be a model (although you sure are going to look and feel like one during the shoot!). I’m going to guide you head to toe to make sure you look your absolute best!

Here’s a little peek into the behind the scenes of a portrait session.

Interested in booking or have a question? Please contact me here.


Toronto Portraits: The G Family

“Family is not an important thing, it’s everything.”

– Michael J. Fox

Sometimes I’m blessed to have not one but four gorgeous gals in front of my camera!

As they toted in their wardrobe and a pile of baby Autumn’s “girls’ day out” necessities (which included the cutest singing bear!) into the studio, a trail of laughter, cheer & excitement followed. It was such a dream session and I’m so happy to have captured some special moments of 3 generations of this beautiful family!

toronto-portrait-and-wedding-photographer-alisha-lynn-photography_1004 toronto-portrait-and-wedding-photographer-alisha-lynn-photography_1003 toronto-portrait-and-wedding-photographer-alisha-lynn-photography_1002 toronto-portrait-and-wedding-photographer-alisha-lynn-photography_1001


BTS: Dear Frankie

Today I’m throwing it back a few years!

I was incredibly honoured to be asked to photograph some behind the scenes images of a Dear Frankie photo session quite a few years ago. Allicia, the owner, created a beautiful campaign all about celebrating the beautiful features of all ladies! It was such a pleasure to be able to document so many lovely gals coming together to create some positive energy around female body image.  Be sure to pop over to  Dear Frankie  and see all of their gorgeous pieces. Hope you enjoy this little throwback!

toronto-portrait-and-wedding-photographer-alisha-lynn-photography_0997 toronto-portrait-and-wedding-photographer-alisha-lynn-photography_0999 toronto-portrait-and-wedding-photographer-alisha-lynn-photography_1000 toronto-portrait-and-wedding-photographer-alisha-lynn-photography_0998 toronto-portrait-and-wedding-photographer-alisha-lynn-photography_0995 toronto-portrait-and-wedding-photographer-alisha-lynn-photography_0996 toronto-portrait-and-wedding-photographer-alisha-lynn-photography_0985 toronto-portrait-and-wedding-photographer-alisha-lynn-photography_0968 toronto-portrait-and-wedding-photographer-alisha-lynn-photography_0972 toronto-portrait-and-wedding-photographer-alisha-lynn-photography_0994 toronto-portrait-and-wedding-photographer-alisha-lynn-photography_0993 toronto-portrait-and-wedding-photographer-alisha-lynn-photography_0992 toronto-portrait-and-wedding-photographer-alisha-lynn-photography_0989 toronto-portrait-and-wedding-photographer-alisha-lynn-photography_0986 toronto-portrait-and-wedding-photographer-alisha-lynn-photography_0984 toronto-portrait-and-wedding-photographer-alisha-lynn-photography_0983 toronto-portrait-and-wedding-photographer-alisha-lynn-photography_0981 toronto-portrait-and-wedding-photographer-alisha-lynn-photography_0982 toronto-portrait-and-wedding-photographer-alisha-lynn-photography_0990 toronto-portrait-and-wedding-photographer-alisha-lynn-photography_0978 toronto-portrait-and-wedding-photographer-alisha-lynn-photography_0991 toronto-portrait-and-wedding-photographer-alisha-lynn-photography_0980 toronto-portrait-and-wedding-photographer-alisha-lynn-photography_0979 toronto-portrait-and-wedding-photographer-alisha-lynn-photography_0988 toronto-portrait-and-wedding-photographer-alisha-lynn-photography_0975 toronto-portrait-and-wedding-photographer-alisha-lynn-photography_0987 toronto-portrait-and-wedding-photographer-alisha-lynn-photography_0974 toronto-portrait-and-wedding-photographer-alisha-lynn-photography_0976 toronto-portrait-and-wedding-photographer-alisha-lynn-photography_0971 toronto-portrait-and-wedding-photographer-alisha-lynn-photography_0969 toronto-portrait-and-wedding-photographer-alisha-lynn-photography_0970 toronto-portrait-and-wedding-photographer-alisha-lynn-photography_0973 toronto-portrait-and-wedding-photographer-alisha-lynn-photography_0977



Make Up: Angie Di Battista

Clothing: Dear Frankie

Primary Photography: Sounds Like Yellow Photography

Behind the Scenes Photography: Alisha Lynn Photography



She’s the ever changing winter wind,

A gust of clean crisp air,

Roaring through the living room,

And tousling up your hair,

She whistles though the doorways,

As she sails right down the hall,

Dancing through the golden leaves,

That mark the end of Fall,

But like the frizen winter wind,

She bends to no ones will,

Some days she is a hurricane,

And other days she’s still,

There’s moment when her laughter,

Could give flight to paper planes,

But her silence can convince you,

Tree will never sway again,

She’ll push the clouds out of the sky,

And stir the wildest seas,

No matter how you know her,

You cannot predict her breeze,

There’s days when you’ll feel foolish,

For the scarf wrapped round you throat,

But with her there is no knowing,

When you ought to wear a coat.

-Erin Hanson.


toronto-portrait-and-wedding-photographer-alisha-lynn-photography_0950 toronto-portrait-and-wedding-photographer-alisha-lynn-photography_0947 toronto-portrait-and-wedding-photographer-alisha-lynn-photography_0949 toronto-portrait-and-wedding-photographer-alisha-lynn-photography_0948 toronto-portrait-and-wedding-photographer-alisha-lynn-photography_0953 toronto-portrait-and-wedding-photographer-alisha-lynn-photography_0946 toronto-portrait-and-wedding-photographer-alisha-lynn-photography_0945 toronto-portrait-and-wedding-photographer-alisha-lynn-photography_0954
toronto-portrait-and-wedding-photographer-alisha-lynn-photography_0952 toronto-portrait-and-wedding-photographer-alisha-lynn-photography_0951


Testimonial: Mrs T

Mrs T was kind enough to share her thoughts on her recent portrait session. Read below for a firsthand look at our boudoir photography experience!

I cannot begin to say enough wonderful things about my experience doing the boudoir shoot. I never ever thought I would do something like this as I have always been self-conscious about my body. However, a friend of mine did it and I saw her pics and they were absolutely stunning! So when I got engaged I thought rather than give my fiancé the typical gifts of some sort of jewellery, I thought boudoir-styled images would be perfect as its more personal and would be a special gift just for him. Also, I figured I would never be in better shape than I would be for my wedding, so it was the perfect time to do the shoot! It would be the perfect keep sake for both of us!

I enjoyed all the prep that went into this photo shoot – finding fun outfits to wear and also the hair and make-up makes you feel so beautiful and glamorous. It really gets you excited for the shoot! When the shoot first started I was a little bit shy but Alisha was amazing to work with! It really didn’t take long at all for me to feel completely comfortable! It was like Alisha was family or we had been best friends forever and I didn’t have a care in the world about posing in front of her. I absolutely enjoyed every minute of it and was kind of sad when it was all over as I had so much fun doing the shoot. It was like hanging out with one of your friends for the day all dressed up, or undressed I should say, and taking fun photos in many different and interesting poses – which I must say, some of them were quite the workout to hold. haha

When I first saw my images I couldn’t stop looking at them! They were breathtaking!!!! I was beyond happy with each and every one of them and couldn’t even believe I was looking at pictures of myself. Alisha did an amazing job and really took the time to get perfect angels to make me look my absolute best!

I gave the book with my boudoir images in it to my fiancé a couple days prior to our wedding and he was shocked. He loved the book and was touched that I put so much effort into a gift for him and I think he was a little surprised that I did a shoot like this. He absolutely loved it! He couldn’t stop looking at the pictures either and thought I looked stunning in each and every one of them!

I enjoyed this experience so much that I have already recommended it to several of my friends. In fact, I would love to do it again myself in a few years because I had so much fun. I think it’s an experience that every girl should have as it makes you feel so good about yourself both inside and out. Working with Alisha adds to the experience as well, as she is so knowledgeable about photography and helps you every step of the way so that you always know what to expect. It’s an amazing experience and I can’t wait to do it again!