NYC 09.03.17

You don’t see New York City first, you feel it. The city pulses and glows with energy. Next you hear it. It sounds like a storm. Different elements rushing together to form an exhilarating uproar. When you finally start to see the city, it is bigger and more magnificent than you could ever have imagined.

NYC, you surprised me. As a born and raised country girl, I never imagined so thoroughly enjoying a metropolis vacation but somewhere between the street musicians, the 4 train and your cawfee (I now say coffee with a NYC accent ;) ), I fell in love.

Keys sang it right, “these streets will make you feel brand new, big lights will inspire you.”


Goodbye 2016, hello 2017!

To keep it short and simple, 2016 was great! It was a year full of personal and professional accomplishments. Before I hop into my 2017 goals, I’d like to take a moment to savour the success of the past year.

Here are some highlights from 2016:

  1. Married my best friend.
  2. I learned to make the greatest brownies ever! Seriously, they’re pretty awesome!
  3. Traveled to Newfoundland! I have been wanting to go for years.
  4. Started learning Spanish- finally putting action to that lifelong dream.

I’m beyond excited for what 2017 will bring. I have some pretty big business projects in the works (I’ll share more with you a bit later in 2017) and some very exciting personal projects (hello, wedding planning with both of my engaged sisters!). To help get the year started off right, I thought I’d share some of my 2017 goals:

  1. Become more consistent with my online business presence.
  2. Make croissants from scratch (if you have any tips, please share!!)
  3. Plan a culture-based trip. I’m thinking someplace like Morocco.
  4. Plan and execute a special photo shoot I’ve had on my mind for a while.

Hope you all have a happy, healthy and successful 2017!

I’d love to hear more about your goals for 2017, so be sure to pop a few into the comments section below!



Merry Christmas

The past week has been spent baking, watching favourite Christmas movies, visiting with friends, and taking in Toronto’s holiday splendor. It’s been an amazing and beautiful year, and I am so incredibly grateful for all of the beautiful gifts this year has provided.

Wishing you magical Christmas, and that your holiday season is filled with love and joy.

xo Alisha




I wrapped up (see what I did there?!? haha) shooting last week, so my life is currently nothing but baking, Michael Buble on repeat, red nails, and joy. Lots and lots of joy….oh, and these things too (courtesy of my IPhone):

A gingerbread man that I couldn’t resist (I always go for the head first – I feel it’s more humane)


Snow globes full of wonder


Late night strolls through the citytoronto-portrait-and-wedding-photographer-alisha-lynn-photography_1032

Mega Christmas treestoronto-portrait-and-wedding-photographer-alisha-lynn-photography_1033

Christmas markets



 It truly is the most magical time of the year <3


Travel: Newfoundland, Canada

Majestic. I think that’s the word that best describes Newfoundland.

When you’re standing on top of a cliff with a roaring sea crashing against the rocks below- it’s majestic.

When you’re watching a pod of whales tour a bay – it’s majestic.

When you’re learning about how this province has so greatly contributed to our history- it’s majestic.

When you’re eating favourite local dishes- it’s majestic.

When your Airbnb host brings you a bag of fresh capelin just because they “rolled-in” – it’s majestic.

When you’re standing on the most eastern point in Canada- it’s majestic.

Newfoundland, you are both beautiful and dignified. I have never met another province quite like you, and I can’t wait to visit you again soon.


toronto-portrait-and-wedding-photographer-alisha-lynn-photography_1030 toronto-portrait-and-wedding-photographer-alisha-lynn-photography_1015 toronto-portrait-and-wedding-photographer-alisha-lynn-photography_1010

Quiet summer days are best spent reading (in case you’re wondering, I read Homegoing and it was excellent. Highly recommend!).toronto-portrait-and-wedding-photographer-alisha-lynn-photography_1009

My favourite flowers in the whole wide world.

Tim’s, we’ve enjoyed you coast to coast.
toronto-portrait-and-wedding-photographer-alisha-lynn-photography_1011 toronto-portrait-and-wedding-photographer-alisha-lynn-photography_1006 toronto-portrait-and-wedding-photographer-alisha-lynn-photography_1007 toronto-portrait-and-wedding-photographer-alisha-lynn-photography_1022 toronto-portrait-and-wedding-photographer-alisha-lynn-photography_1027 toronto-portrait-and-wedding-photographer-alisha-lynn-photography_1026 toronto-portrait-and-wedding-photographer-alisha-lynn-photography_1024
toronto-portrait-and-wedding-photographer-alisha-lynn-photography_1023 toronto-portrait-and-wedding-photographer-alisha-lynn-photography_1018 toronto-portrait-and-wedding-photographer-alisha-lynn-photography_1017 toronto-portrait-and-wedding-photographer-alisha-lynn-photography_1021 toronto-portrait-and-wedding-photographer-alisha-lynn-photography_1019 toronto-portrait-and-wedding-photographer-alisha-lynn-photography_1020 toronto-portrait-and-wedding-photographer-alisha-lynn-photography_1016

Sea breeze.toronto-portrait-and-wedding-photographer-alisha-lynn-photography_1028 toronto-portrait-and-wedding-photographer-alisha-lynn-photography_1029 toronto-portrait-and-wedding-photographer-alisha-lynn-photography_1013 toronto-portrait-and-wedding-photographer-alisha-lynn-photography_1012

Oh Canada, you sure are beautiful.


Baby sister is getting married!

I can’t believe I am even writing this right now but my BABY sister is getting married next year!!

Her and her fiance have planned a beautiful fall wedding in the Great Smokey Mountains, and today we found a perfect dress for her mountain top wedding.

A huge thank you to Maureen Patricia Bridals for inviting us into her stunning studio and for creating Katie’s dream dress. xoxo

Here are some iphone pictures from this special day:
toronto-portrait-and-wedding-photographer-alisha-lynn-photography_0958 toronto-portrait-and-wedding-photographer-alisha-lynn-photography_0962 toronto-portrait-and-wedding-photographer-alisha-lynn-photography_0966 toronto-portrait-and-wedding-photographer-alisha-lynn-photography_0957 toronto-portrait-and-wedding-photographer-alisha-lynn-photography_0964 toronto-portrait-and-wedding-photographer-alisha-lynn-photography_0961 toronto-portrait-and-wedding-photographer-alisha-lynn-photography_0960 toronto-portrait-and-wedding-photographer-alisha-lynn-photography_0959 toronto-portrait-and-wedding-photographer-alisha-lynn-photography_0963 toronto-portrait-and-wedding-photographer-alisha-lynn-photography_0967