About Alisha

She looked up at me with tears in her eyes. “They’re beautiful,” she said. Her hands slightly trembled as she continued to slowly look through each image again before whispering, “I’m beautiful”. The smile that followed that admission was my game changer. I knew, right then, that I wanted every woman to have that moment. I now spend my days helping women to recognize their own beauty and vivacity. I truly have the very best job!

Alisha’s Favourites

alisha_fav_1Antique tea cups make me swoon.

alisha_fav_6I’m kind of obsessed with licorice.

alisha_fav_2Painting is my greatest source of creative inspiration.

alisha_fav_4My scarf collection is a bit ridiculous.

alisha_fav_5Fun sunglasses always make my day a little bit brighter!

alisha_fav_3I’m a bit of a bookworm. I have a mini-library at home.

About Our Luxury Portrait Sessions

Every woman deserves a beautiful photograph of herself during every stage of life! Each photo session includes a consultation to design your dream shoot. Lovely make-up and great hair doesn’t make you more beautiful, but it can make you feel extra beautiful and we think that’s pretty wonderful! That’s why an experienced hair & make-up styling team will be onsite to help you feel your best during your portrait session. After your fully guided photo shoot, you’ll leave the studio feeling gorgeous and confident! A few days later, your portraits will be unveiled at a reveal session where you will be able to select your favourites to take home and treasure always!

I want to show you how lovely you are; to help you reconnect with the woman you see in your portraits, and be awed by her again. Let’s start designing your custom Luxury Portrait Session today!Get in Touch!